Why Do Ceiling Fan Blades Matter?

Ceiling Fan Blades Matter

Mostly, many ceiling fan buyers are always concerned with the number, color, and the pitch of the blades that a ceiling fan has. This is one of the top determinant factors on whether one will purchase a certain ceiling fan or not.

Ceiling Fan Blades Matter?

Ceiling fans are manufactured in different types, sizes, shapes, colors, and numbers of blades. The ceiling fan blades have their own appeal to individuals in different ways. The following include a couple of reasons on why the ceiling fans prove to be important features to many:

1) Less Noise and Improved Efficiency

A ceiling fan with about 4 or 5 blades is likely to be more effective in regulating the air quality in the room than one with 2 or 3 blades. At the same time, having more blades provides more balancing to the whole ceiling fan.

More ceiling fans balance the motor making it to operate with less noise. This makes the motor and the entire system of a ceiling fan to operate easily and silently. Therefore, there is no any noise which can be expected in the room.

2) Blades Orientation for Increased Efficiency

Ceiling Fan Blades MatterDifferent ceiling fan blades are designed differently in order to enhance different characteristics during the operation. Some blades are slanted in order to increase the ability to cut through the air and ignite air circulation.

Other blades are arranged in layers from the top to the bottom. These blades are effective in intensifying the operation of the fan by enhancing airflow from different layers in the room. Thus, the air can be able to circulate efficiently throughout the room.

3) Blade Size vs. Ceiling Height

The size of a ceiling fan blade may also be essential especially while considering the height of the ceiling. For the lower ceiling houses, ceiling fans with shorter blades without sharp edges may be more suitable.
This reduces the risk of having the blades of a ceiling fan hitting one on the head or the objects carried on top. At the same  time, a ceiling fan with shorter blades can be easily installed in a small room without necessarily taking a lot of space. For more information about ceiling fans and celing fan reviews please visit Ceilingfancomparison.com for more in depth articles.

4) Blades for Light Reflection and Room Compliment

Ceiling Fan Blades MatterCeiling fan blades come in different colors. Nowadays, many ceiling fan blades have been designed with bright and shiny colors. Therefore, these colors are able to reflect the light produced in a room and distribute it to different parts of the house. This reduces the need to install many or powerful bulbs in a room.

Also, blades’ color has been taken as an important factor in increasing the decoration in a room. Individuals prefer to purchase ceiling fans whose blades take certain specific colors resembling the colors of their walls, artwork in the room, and furniture or any other object. This increases the beautiful and uniform outlook in a room.

As you go to purchase your ceiling fan, you will likely hear the sales people asking you more about your preferred number, shape, size, or orientation of the fan blades. Therefore, you should ensure that you have the reasons to select certain blades characteristics which match with your room or house.