Common Problems of Air Compressor and Their Solutions

Common Problems of Air Compressor and Their SolutionsThe air compressor is an important system that is used to regulate air within a room. Like any other machine, an air compressor also gets faulty with several problems which halt its normal operation.

An air compressor is a machine which is always susceptible to numerous faults and problems. Some of these problems may start without being noticed only to affect the machine later and make it to malfunction

What are the Common Air Compressor Problems and their Solutions?

There are a couple of problems which are associated with air compressors. These problems include:

1) Excessive Noise and Vibration

The air may fall into generating excessive noise and vibration during its operation. Normally, this problem is brought about by looseness of the pulley, flywheel, belt guard, or any other accessories. It may also be caused by oil depletion in the crankcase, loose bolts and nuts, or a worn-out foundation.
This problem may be resolved by tightening pulley, flywheel, belt guard, and the bolts and nuts which connect the air compressor unit to its position. Also, you may by adding oil on the crankcase and increasing the ability of the air compressor to hold onto its foundation.

2) Overheating the Discharged Air

An air may overheat the air that is coming out from its system after heating purposes. This may be resulted by a blocked intercoder tube, inefficiency in the cooling water pump, hot air compressor air suction, and blocked air suction filter.

You can correct this problem using a dryer which eliminates the dust and the dirt that may lead to choking of the air tubes and codes. Also, you may check the efficiency of the cooling water pump and the air suction filter. Either, you may turn the air compressor system off for some time before restarting it.

3) Milky Oil in the Oil Reservoir

Common Problems of Air Compressor and Their Solutions

The oil in the reservoir turns into milky color. This oil cannot be effective during the operation of an air compressor unit. It may be caused by leakage of water from the jacket or cylinder liner and excessive usage of the oil.

The common solution to this problem is through changing the oil that is affected by water addition. You may also correct the leakages in the jacket or the cylinder liner to prevent any more water movement to the oil reservoir.

4) Air Blowing Out of the Inlet Vent

This problem affects the air entry into the air compressor system. This reduces the efficiency of the machine. It may be caused by incorrect placing of the thermostat or the choking of the air outlet vent.
You can correct this problem by checking the placement of the thermostat in your system. If it is incorrectly placed, you may set it in the position towards the outlet vent. Also, check whether the outlet vent is choked and correct it.

Air compressors are fond of having some few common problems. These problems may affect old or new air compressor systems. An air compressor system requires close and regular monitoring. This will expose you to any likely problem that may affect your system enhancing it to correct it in time.