9 Things Your Car Mechanic Won’t Tell You

Things Your Car Mechanic Won't Tell YouGoing to a car garage may land you into hefty expenses some of which you did not intend to make. Most of the times, you will find your car needing some repairing tasks. However, you may not know everything about cars. Therefore, seeking for help from a mechanic becomes inevitable.

What Your Car Mechanic won’t Tell You?

Normally, most of the car mechanics are honest and professional. Therefore, trusting in them becomes easy and fearless. However, some car mechanics are used to hiding the truth from their clients. These are some of the things that such mechanics may not tell you:

1) Your Oil Does not Need Changing

Oil changes provide a mechanic with changing and selling fees. Car manufacturers prescribe that oil should be changed after three month. However, some car mechanics will always advise you to change your oil. They usually attribute some problems with your car with the need for oil change in order to incline you to do it.

2) I am a Mechanic, but I can’t Fix This

Not all car repairs can be done by all mechanics. Some car repairs such as changing the tires, car brake repairs, dent removal, fuel system repairs, repairing the ignition system, oil changes, and tire replacements require different expertise in order to conduct them effectively. However, even if they cannot fix them, some mechanics will always tell you to trust them for your car repair needs.

3) This Repair is not Necessary

Things Your Car Mechanic Won't Tell YouAfter your previously felt car repair needs, you may find that you need another minor repair for your car such as changing oil, replacing the tires, or replacing the battery. However, some of the repairs may not be necessary at the time. Nonetheless, car mechanics takes advantage of what you ask for to increase their earnings.

4) You Should Look for a Second Opinion

Mechanics are always confident while conducting car repairs. However, some of them are not sure whether the repairs they have just completed are the right ones for your car. However, even after this, they fail to tell you to look for a different opinion on the same.

5) I won’t Charge You for This

Not all repairs are worth of charges from the mechanics. However, some car mechanics will always go ahead to make unnecessary repairs on your car in order to take time on your car and eventually charge you for the task.

6) There is a Guide for Car Repairs Charges

Things Your Car Mechanic Won't Tell YouCar repair charges vary with different mechanics. Some mechanics charge highly for some repairs while others charge in a relatively friendly way for the same. Mechanics may fail to offer you a guide to show you on what you are supposed to pay for certain repairs.

7) I Might not be able to Take the Repair Now

Some mechanics will always keep you waiting while they are attending other clients’ cars. Mostly, such mechanics tell you to leave your car only to come back and find out that it is yet to be repaired.

8) I am not Certified for This

Different repairs require different level of professionalism and expertise. Mostly, some mechanics may be lacking in knowledge on some tasks and still proceed to serve you with incompetence.

9) Consider Buying New Spare Parts for This

At times, you may find that after several repairs, some parts needs to be replaced. Normally, some mechanics who are not involved in the sales of spare parts will discourage you from buying new parts of your car in order to keep them busy.

There are several things that mechanics who are not honest and genuine will never share with you. It is always advisable to stick to one mechanic who is certified and who is showcasing professionalism in their tasks. This will keep you away from dishonesty associated with some mechanics.