Top Types of Showerheads

Showerheads play important roles in homes. Their roles are both aesthetic and functional. There are many types of showerheads to choose from depending on the home owner’s preferences. The following are some of the leading types of shower heads in the market today.

i. Single Spray Shower Head

Types of Showerheads

Single spray showerheads fall under the traditional category. The showerheads have adjustable nozzles. These nozzles are used to change the pattern with which water flows from the showerhead. These heads are pocket friendly but their prices vary widely. The difference in price depends the type of finish on the showerhead.

ii. Handheld Shower Head

Types of Showerheads

This showerhead offers flexibility. It comes with a hose which is long enough to enable the user reach all parts of the body with water directly from the shower. These shower heads can be positioned overhead like ordinary showers but they are detachable. Hand held showers are particularly useful for people who have difficulties moving.

iii. Rain Shower Head

Types of Showerheads

As the name implies, the showerhead mimics rainfall. The showerhead is flat which allows it to spread the water. this spread reduces the velocity with which the water hits the person taking a bath. These heads are relatively more expensive.

iv. Ceiling Showerheads

Types of Showerheads

Ceiling showerheads are normally positioned on the ceiling. This positioning ensures that water falls on the one using it. One of the advantages of the advantages of this type of showerhead is that it doesn’t allow water on the bathroom walls. The height of their mounting on the ceiling makes it difficult to clean. The distance from the showerhead to the person may also be a challenge as it makes it difficult to direct water to some parts of the body.

v. Multiple Showerheads

Types of Showerheads

This refers to a situation where a number of showerheads are installed in the same bathroom. Water coming from all these showerheads is controlled from the same point. This system also has a redirect valve which allows a person to direct water to one showerhead if they so wish. Multiple showerheads may come attached to each other or they may be designed to be separate from each other.

vi. The sliding bar showerhead

Types of Showerheads

The showerhead is mounted on a bar which is in turn is mounted on the bathroom wall. The bar allows for the height of the head to be adjusted. In case there are people of considerably different heights using the bathroom, it may be necessary for the height of the head to be adjusted whenever either of them is taking a shower.

Picking a showerhead is an important decision. The type picked may be the determinant of whether a person enjoys a shower or not. It even determines whether the shower will be effective or not. Apart from individual preferences, other factors include mobility. A person who is incapable of moving may find it difficult to use fixed showers. Tall people may be better served by certain types of showerheads. Another determinant is the type of material used for the construction of the bathroom walls. Some materials are not water resistant. This means that if water falls on these walls they may grow mildew. An appropriate showerhead may need to be needed.